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How to Pick the Perfect Pair of Hand Embroidery Scissors

How to Pick the Perfect Pair of Hand Embroidery Scissors

Every crafter needs a good pair of scissors. And if you're a crafter, you know that there are scissors for fabric, for paper, for thread, for wire- the list goes on and on.

Much like crafting, for hand embroidery you don't want to use the huge, all-purpose scissors you keep in your junk drawer. Instead, you want small, sharp scissors that are designed specifically for needlework.

Hand embroidery scissors make your work better and they're pretty stinking cute! You're going to want more than one pair. And if you're like me, you'll probably have a playful collection before you know it. Read on for tips on picking out the perfect pair of scissors for hand embroidery.

Why You Need A Good Pair of Hand Embroidery Scissors

Collection of hand embroidery scissors

Small and Sharp Scissors

Needlework is delicate work. To make precise cute in small spaces the best scissors are small and sharp. Hand embroidery scissors are usually 3 to 4 inches in length. Yes, you can find smaller and bigger options, like mini versions that are as small as 2 inches. The even small sized scissors allows you to get close to your work, and makes the scissors easier to manipulate and control.

In addition to size, the blades on hand embroidery scissors are relatively short and narrow. Both the blades and tips of the scissors are sharp. Sharp blades are extremely important because they allow you to cut your thread cleanly with a single snip instead of shredding it. Dull scissors can shred the thread and cause it to fray, causing the thread to get in the way on the back of your embroidery and making it harder to thread your needle.

When looking for hand embroidery scissors, find some with finger holes that are large enough for you to use comfortably, but small enough to give you precise control when cutting.

Embroidery scissors, needle minders, needle book, embroidery thread, and project bag

Fun and Functional Scissors

Now that we've gotten the basics out of the way, let's have some fun. Embroidery scissors are functional and they're also fun! There are so many color and playful designs avalailble these days. Designs range from classic to whimsical and can have traditional metal finishes to bright modern colors the possibilities are almost endless. Embroidery scissors will be the gem of your embroidery supplies.

Thread Snips

Along with the classic embroidery scissors, you can also use thread snips. Thread snips are blades that can be pushed together between a spring to cut thread. Snips are a perfect choice if your fingers are too big for smaller embroidery scissor handles, or if you have arthritis. They're also great for both right and left handed stitchers.

Embroidery Thread, Scissors, and thread gloss

Traveling with Scissors

I've travelled all over with my embroidery projects. From local to international flights, my scissors have gone with me. If you're uncertain if you can bring your embroidery scissors on the plane, pack an inexpensive pair.

The TSA states that it allows scissors with blades less than 4 inches long to be packed in your carry-on, but we all know how fickle the TSA screening process is when going through security. Another great go-to for thread is using nail clippers instead of scissors.

Caring for Your Embroidery Scissors

Just like other craft scissors, hand embroidery scissors should only be used for needlework. Using them to cut paper or other materials will make them dull more quickly.

If you find that your scissors are getting dull, stop by your local craft store. Most stores offer scissor sharpening or know of someone who can sharpen your scissors for you.

hand holding unicorn scissors with embroidery thread behind it

Where to Find Hand Embroidery Scissors

Much like the colors and designs, hand embroidery scissors come in a range of price points. The best are crafted using high-quality steel. While pricier scissors can be an investment, they will last a lifetime.

Ready to find scissors you love? Find hand embroidery supplies in the MCreativeJ shop.


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