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What Do Plants Do At Night?

Have you ever wondered what plants do at night? Is it any different than what they do during the day? Do they get some beauty sleep, gossip with other plants, or have midnight snacks?

Personally I like to think my plants are having a party. I recently added a Calathea lancifolia or Rattlesnake plant to my collection and every time I see it, the leaves are in a new position, like they're having a dance party when I'm not looking.

If you're into the real science, plants perform photosynthesis when the sun is out which converts sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide into stored energy in the form of long chains of sugar, called starch. At night, plants burn this stored starch to fuel continued growth.

Wondering what my plants do at night inspired me to create Night Plants for the September Pattern Club design.

This digital pattern features five beginner-friendly embroidery stitches that are fun for stitchers of all skill levels. From couching to leaf stitch and all kinds of satin stitch, Club members will have fun seeing this pattern come to life.

Each Pattern Club design is packed with information to make creating that month's design a breeze. From detailing how to measure and cut thread to placing fabric in the hoop to a materials list and tips from transferring the design, each pattern walks Club members through the basics.

Patterns can range from 15-30 pages and include detailed photo and written instructions on how to create each stitch and offer step-by-step instructions on how to stitch the design.

Also included in each Pattern Club design, is how to finish the pattern in the embroidery hoop!

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