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21 Ways to Creatively Celebrate National Embroidery Month

February is my favorite month! Not because of Valentine's Day or because we're one month closer to summer, but because it's National Embroidery Month! I love that we have an entire month dedicated to one of my favorite things. And because I love it so much, I've created a list of 21 ways for you to celebrate! I hope this list helps you try something new, finish a project, or treat yourself to something special.

1. Finish a WIP

We all have a WIP (work in progress) or two or three, or maybe even a whole pile of them. No judgement! Use this month to commit to finishing one of these embroidery projects by the end of the month.

2. Use New Textiles

Most people embroider on cotton or linen. It’s also what I recommend to newbie stitchers. Why not explore a new fabric this month! Try tulle, felt, organza, ice dyed fabric, or even a crazy pattern.

3. Get Organized

Crafting can get chaotic sometimes. So spend a little time organizing your supplies. Here’s a few tips I found helpful for decluttering my craft space.

4. Expand Uses

Modern embroidery can often be found framed in the hoop, hanging in a gallery wall or at an office desk. Try something new! If you often finish an embroidery in the hoop is your go to, try turning your embroidery into an iron-on patch, creating an embroidered clutch, or stitching on a sweater.

5. Snazzy Snips

Treat yourself to a new pair of scissors. Just like thread, you really can’t have enough embroidery scissors!

6. Join A Stitch Along

Stitch alongs have become a popular activity for National Embroidery Month. Join Jessica Long’s Embroidery Bingo or try one of my previous stitch alongs: Stained Glass Sampler or Textural Terrarium.

7. Condition Your Thread

Does your thread tangle up on you? Does knotted thread drive you crazy? Treat yourself to thread gloss and condition your thread. This great smelling beeswax essential oil combo is the perfect addition to any unruly thread.

8. Stitch A New Type of Embroidery

Try a different type of embroidery than you normally would, like appliqué, cross stitch or visible mending.

9. Read an Embroidery Book

There are so many great embroidery books being published these days. Whether you’re looking for a pattern or just inspiration, here’s a list of books I recommend you check out.

10. Out and About

Change up your surroundings and stitch somewhere new. Go to the park, visit a museum, or just try a different room in your home. It’s surprising what a change in scenery can do for your creativity.

11. Get A Hand

Hoops stands are like an extra pair of hands. They’re a great way to have your embroidery held as your work. I love them because my hands often cramp up and some stitches need both hands to create. I use this stand from Amazon and Bess also create gorgeous hoop stands too.

11. Order New Supplies

Can you ever have enough embroidery supplies? I think not! Why not treat yourself to something you’ve had your eye on or just refresh your current stock. Here’s some of the great supplies I’ve found available on Amazon, products I love from DMC, and fun finds from Etsy.

12. New Finishes

Instead of hanging your project in an embroidery hoop, try framing it, stretching it over a canvas, or one of these other cool options for a different look.

13. Mix Up Your Thread

Do you normally stitch with 6 strand cotton thread? Why not try something different? Give DMC’s etoile, metallic, light effect, Diamant, satin, floche, pearl cotton, memory thread, or tapestry wool a try. Already a DMC user? Why not try a new brand of embroidery floss, like Anchor, Cosmo, or hand dyed?

14. Add Embellishments

Have you ever embroidered with beads or sequins? Why not give it a try!

15. New Shapes and Sizes

Choose a new embroidery hoop to try. This could be a larger or smaller shape than your usual, a different shape all together (like triangles, squares or ovals), or maybe a different type of hoop, like plastic, beechwood, or metal.

16. Transfer Method

Try a new way of transferring your embroidery design! Here's 7 methods I've tried and what I like (and don't like) about each.

17. Wrap a Hoop

Try wrapping an embroidery hoop with this tutorial. It’s a great way to make your embroidery hoop nice and snug.

18. Host a Craft Night

I love stitching with friends! I try to host a monthly craft night so we can all get together and work on projects while we catch up. Plan a get together with a couple of friends. This could be in-person or virtually!

19. Mix Your Media

Experiment with adding new elements to your work. Try watercolor, paint markers or applique.

20. Start a New Project

Find a new project in my shop or join me for an embroidery workshop!

21. Join Pattern Club

Keep embroidering all year long with MCreativeJ Pattern Club. Each month, you'll receive a nature inspired digital pattern to stitch!

***This post contains affiliate links. Thanks for checking out my recommendations. If you chose to purchase something listed, I may receive a small portion of the sale.***


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